Joyce Mandel

Camera Info:  Canon F-1

Film: Kodachrome 64

Shoot Date: January 20, 1979

Joyce Mandel was a very popular, large-busted model & actress, during the 1970’s and 80’s. I had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions while shooting layouts for Playboy and OUI magazines. She was a shy, sweet girl that had the most amazing natural figure of any model I had ever worked with.

On the second day of our shoot I had driven to the hotel on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood where Joyce was staying. When she came out to meet us, she was wearing a bright red, skin tight jump suit with a zipper running down the front.

We tossed her suitcase into the back of our studio van and drove off. About three blocks away, Joyce suddenly informed us that she had left her little makeup case in her room, and we had to go back for it. Not a problem . . . However, we were now on the opposite side of Sunset Blvd. from the hotel, and the nearest place to turn around was two blocks away. Joyce insisted that we just pull over and she would run across the street, get her bag and be right back. Sounded reasonable . . .

She got out of the van, started running across the busy boulevard with her big boobs bouncing, when all of a sudden the zipper gave way and her breasts seemingly exploded out of her jumpsuit.

The nearest oncoming car screeched to a halt, and was immediately hit from behind buy a second car, who was then hit by a third. Half a dozen cars in both directions were stopped and the drivers got out to look on in amazement, as the cause of their distracted pileup blushed, giggled, grabbed the jumpsuit and tried to cover herself while continuing across the street.

Several minutes later, now wearing a pair of sweat pants and conservative top, Joyce sheepishly came out of the hotel, carefully walked across the street, waving to all the onlookers and drivers that were still in the middle of Sunset Blvd. dealing with their accident. She quickly hopped into our van and we laughed all the way to the studio,

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