Julie Yosemite Falls

Model: Julie Kruis

Camera Info:  Pentax 6×7  300mm lens

Film: Kodak Tri-X Pan 400

Shoot Date:  May 7, 1988

In 1988, I was invited to be Artist In Residence at the Yosemite National Park Museum.

My goal was to produce photographs for a museum gallery show, featuring images that juxtapose nude human physiques, against the dramatic natural features of Yosemite.

I was provided with extended stay privileges, a rangers residence for my home base, facilities for my assistants, crew and models, along with complete access to anywhere in the park I wished to shoot.

This image of actress Julie Kruis was taken from the South side of Yosemite Valley directly across from the Yosemite Falls, on the North side. We were only a couple of hundred feet off the main road, where large numbers of tourists constantly drive by to marvel at the beauty of the falls.

For whatever reason, nobody seemed to notice the nude girl sitting up on top of a large rock outcropping, gazing out into the distant meadows, while some bearded guy was taking pictures. It was a rather overcast day with beautiful soft overhead light that greatly reduced the usual high-contrast glare that Yosemite is known for. It was a perfect situation for shooting outdoor nudes.

Julie remained perched on that rock for quite a while after we finished shooting, taking in the beauty and distant rumbling sounds that emanated from one of the worlds tallest waterfalls.

Julie and I spent several more days exploring around Yosemite looking for new places to explore and shoot. We found several great locations, and produced a good number of great images throughout that week.

I’m pretty sure this once in a lifetime visit to Yosemite was a experience that Julie will never forget.

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