Los Angeles Ballet Dancer – 4-12 #3-24

Models: Premier Dancers  /  Los Angeles Ballet Company

Shoot Date:  Spring 1983

In early 1983, I embarked on a project to produce black & white nude photographs of the premier dancers from the Los Angeles Ballet Company. The goal was a gallery exhibition and traveling show to raise funds for the Ballet

Rather than photograph the dancers in their more familiar environment of a complexly lit stage, I chose instead to isolate them in a studio setting using a traditional cloth backdrop and only one light. Nothing else was included to distract them or the viewer.

This series involved several intense studio sessions with various dancers spread over a month’s time. Then, many more weeks in the darkroom, producing the final prints for exhibition. The gallery show was a great success and the images continued to be shown in galleries around the country and published in fine-art photography magazines.

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