Anastasia 219 Clothespins B&W

Model:  Anastasia Pierce

Shoot Date:  Nov. 10,2003

I had photographed Anastasia Pierce many times before. She was one of my favorite fetish models. Usually I have a concept in mind before models arrive at the studio, but this time was rather different.

Anastasia had phoned me fairly early in the morning to ask if I would do some photos of her with clothespins. Thinking that she meant just a couple of clothespins on her breasts or something along those lines, I liked the idea, and we agreed to do a shoot that day.

Later that afternoon Anastasia and her husband arrived at my studio with a large bag of clothespins they had just purchased at a hardware store.

She was very insistent that we use as many as her body had room for, so after placing her on the Saint Andrews Cross we started applying clothespins to her body, one at a time, pausing occasionally to take photos to document the event.

Forty five minutes and 219 clothespins later, we ran out of places where her skin was still pliant enough to be pinched and able to hold the pins. As there were only a few clothespins left over, we decided to call it quits and concentrate on taking pictures.

I began shooting her from a variety of angles, when she suddenly announced that she wanted to see what it felt like to have them whipped off with a flogger.

Her husband eagerly complied and started flogging her from top to bottom. Apparently it wasn’t what she anticipated as the flogger was able to remove only a few pins at a time.  She desired something more intense.

Anastasia then began to brush them away from her body, dozens at a time, with large sweeping swaths of her hands and forearms. Within a few seconds, clothespins were flying everywhere around the studio.

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