Married Couple

Camera Info:  Canon EOS DCS3C

Lens:  Canon 50mm  f/ 1.0

Shoot Date:  Feb 14, 1999

This photogenic couple were amongst the earliest pioneers in the home web-cam erotic business. In 1999, they began their amateur broadcasts from their home in Southern California and for several years ran a very successful adult website. Being unique and ahead of the times, they rapidly developed a huge worldwide loyal audience.

This photograph was taken during a special shoot in my studio. It was the first time either one ever modeled for erotic photos while actually making love. The energy between them was very intense with love and emotion. Afterwards they expressed that they felt liberated by the experience, and couldn’t wait to do more. They went on to produce a number of erotic videos in addition to their nightly webcam show.

Unfortunately, after five years, their website is no longer online and they have both moved on with their lives. Their broadcasts are sorely missed by their fans.


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