Nicotine & The Marquis de Vice

Camera Info:  Canon EOS 30D

Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.0

Digital Image

Shoot Date: July 29, 2010

Sarah Hunter (aka: “Nicotine”) was a beautiful, young Fetish, Erotic, and well-known Steampunk Model, who at the time of this shoot, was in a BDSM relationship with her Dominant (the “Marquis de Vice)”.  Nicotine had modeled for me several times before, and was eager for me to do an erotic photo session with her Dom.

They arrived at my studio in the early afternoon and this was the first photograph taken as entered my dungeon. Nicotine was slightly nervous and shy at the time, not knowing what we had in mind for her, or what pleasures she might be subjected to.

The photo session lasted for several hours, as Nicotine was spanked, tormented, pleasured, and endured several intense orgasms. She had a great time, as this was her first time ever doing sexually erotic photos with a man. She booked a second erotic shoot shortly thereafter.

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